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Bullbird, a meme token with a mission to fly to new places far and beyond where any bird has gone before. We’ll fly and support bird sanctuaries on our way up.

Analitix Audit BullBird

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Welcome to BullBird! We're a community-centric and charity-driven meme token, committed to creating a sustainable and trustworthy environment for our investors. We're not just about quick gains, we're in this for the long run. We believe in enjoying life, cherishing every moment, but always keeping our responsibilities in check. Our mission extends beyond the crypto world - we're dedicated to investing in the wellbeing of birds. After all, a world without birds would be a world bereft of melody and beauty. Join us on this exciting journey!

Analitix Audit BullBird

Check our Analytix audit

We have officially been audited by Analytix, with a high score of 89!!!!! This is a great pre-launch score, and we are very proud of it!! Hard work and dedication still pays off, as you can see!. By the way, after we launch and renouncing the contract, the score will be close to a perfect 100!! Super happy and super proud, this is great news for all of you future investors! BullBird is here to stay!!

We have officially been KYC'ed by PinkSale

This is great news for all of you future investors! BullBird is here to stay!!

Liquidity & Token Locks.

Liquidity Lock

To encourage loyalty and long-term commitment, we have locked our liquidity for 420 days after our launch date.

Cex Tokens Lock

We'll save 10% of all BullBird tokens for future Tier 1 listings. The initital lock for the CEX Tokens is set for 6 months. Lock can be viewed here

Marketing Tokens Lock

We have locked 90% of the Marketing tokens which will be released via vesting every 30 days. First unlock will be 30 days after our Lauch. Lock can be viewed here

REFLECTIONS: 2% Buy | 2% Sell

We deeply value our investors, considering them as integral members of our community. As a token of our gratitude, we want to reward those who buy and stay with us on this journey. To encourage loyalty and long-term commitment, we implement a tax on buyers & sellers. This tax is then redistributed back to those who choose to stay and hold, just like us. This way, we ensure that our community grows and thrives together!


It's evident to us that our investors are driven by the pursuit of profit, and that aligns with our goals as well. However, we strive to be more than just a profit-making entity. We hold deep care for our planet, encompassing both the people and the natural world. We have a particular fondness for birds. We cherish these magnificent creatures and are committed to giving back. Our mission is to contribute to bird projects and sanctuaries around the globe.

When we reach a market-cap of 500K we'll be starting our first donations to Bird Shelters, which ones will be decided via a community vote on the X platform.

Unleashing Creativity and Strategy in the Crypto World! Our team, a melting pot of design, marketing, and advertising professionals, is ready to propel BullBird to unprecedented heights. Crypto is our game, and marketing is our forté.

Our mission is to foster prosperity and ensure the happiness of our investors. We aim to excite and attract a vast community of crypto enthusiasts, keeping BullBird at the forefront of decentralized exchanges and crypto platforms. Your investment in BullBird is not just an investment; it's a step towards a prosperous future. You won't be disappointed!"

In the first phase of our journey with BullBird, we will focus on developing our concept and creating a comprehensive plan. This will involve brainstorming, refining our idea, and establishing a clear vision for our project.

Building a Website
Next, we will work on creating a user-friendly and engaging website. This will serve as our online hub, providing information about our project, team, and roadmap.

Designing Logo & Visuals
We will also embark on designing our logo and other visual elements. These will be instrumental in creating a strong brand identity and establishing our presence in the market.

Setting up Social Channels (X / Telegram / YouTube)

Setting Up Tokenomics
Lastly, we will set up our tokenomics. This involves defining the rules and mechanisms that govern the distribution and use of our cryptocurrency.

Through these steps, we aim to lay a solid foundation for BullBird, preparing us for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."

In the second phase of our journey with BullBird, we will focus on deploying our contract, starting our presale, launching on PancakeSwap, and initiating our marketing and community-building activities.


Developing and Deploying Contract
We will continue our technical work by developing and deploying our contract. This is a critical step that ensures the smooth operation of our blockchain and the functionality of our token.


Starting Our Pinksale Presale
We will then kick off our presale on PinkSale, a popular platform for initial coin offerings. This will be our first opportunity to introduce the BullBird token to the market.


Our PinkSale Fair Launch has been successfully completed and raised a total of 38.45 BNB.  

Launching on PancakeSwap
Following the presale, we will launch our token on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade and stake our token.

BullBird Token has been launched on the blockchain since Jan 29th

Community Building & Marketing Activities
Parallel to these technical steps, we will also focus on community building and marketing activities. These will be instrumental in growing our user base and increasing awareness of our project.

Are you ready for the first BullBird Hodl Airdrop Event? All you have to do is BUY & HODL of minimum of 80 million BullBird Tokens, and we will do the rest.


Snapshot MARCH 22nd at 4:20 pm UTC📸

Distribution APRIL 20th at 4:20 pm UTC📦

➡️ Up to 250 holders the total amount of tokens distributed will be 4.2 Billion $BBird!!

⬆️ Above 250 holders we will increase the amount up to 10 Billion $BBird Tokens in total! 💥

Airdrops Tiers $BBird:
Tier 1: min holding 80 Million
Tier 2: min holding 420 Million
Tier 3: min holding 2.1 Billion

Distribution Spread <250 holders:
Tier 1: 25% = 1.05 Billion
Tier 2: 35% = 1.47 Billion
Tier 3: 40% = 1.68 Billion

Distribution Spread >250 holders:
Tier 1: 25% = 2.5 Billion
Tier 2: 35% = 3.5 Billion
Tier 3: 40% = 4 Billion

‼️ Airdrop amount will be based on your Tier and actual amount of Token holdings‼️


Contract $BBird (9 decimals):  


Please check our BullBird Telegram or X channel for most recent updates.

  • Reaching 250/1000 Holders
  • First Airdrop for Holders
  • AMA Live on X / TG
  • BSC Chain info update
  • Scaling up Partnerships
  • Reach 5000 Holders
  • Marketcap 500K/1 Million
  • DEX/CEX Listings
  • 0% fees on Birdswap
  • First Donations
  • Extend our marketing effort and campaigns
  • Designing Logo & Visuals 2.0


Tokenomics 2

Token name: BullBird Token

Token Symbol: $BBIRD

Blockchain: BSC

TOTAL TOKENS 420,000,000,000

Fair-launch+Liquidity 70%

Marketing 10%

Dex listings 10%

Burned 10%

3% Marketing + 2% reflections + 1% liquidity

3% Marketing + 2% reflections + 1% liquidity

CONTRACT ADDRESS: (9 decimals) 0xE19E7654a8FE272457B4E421C9346E36d6754A56

BullBird, a community-centric and charity-driven meme token supporting bird species around the globe.


Contact us via Telegram or X Platform

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